The New Christy Minstrels aren’t older. They’re just better! All touring band members are at the very height of their creativity, wowing audiences from California to the New York Island and beyond. Eager to please their fans, The Minstrels have formed a silent agreement with their audience: They do all the old songs the audience has come to hear … as well as a few newer ones the audience doesn’t yet know they love.

Randy Sparks – the band’s founder and leader who penned many of the group’s biggest hits – is still writing and singing his songs. He’s still a fantastic showman, and through The NCM performance at the Cascade Theater, in Redding, California, August 3, 2019, Randy Sparks had NEVER missed a performance, with a 100% attendance record.  His Grammy Award-winning group, the one and only, The New Christy Minstrels® are gearing up for an EXTENSIVE TOUR late 2019 and all of 2020!

Join the group at a “meet and greet” after each live show to meet the performers, obtain autographs and purchase CDs including their latest “Nice Time to Be Alive”, as well as their Greatest Hits CD.

See you on the road!